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Tracker Topper 1032 Riveted Jon

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А в Новосибирск отправить и сколько это будет стоить.

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В Новосибирск отправить можно, стоить будет примерно рублей. Лодка надувная FreeSun с тентом 51 р.

topper лодка

Доставка осуществляется бесплатно или более Только в мобильном Местный Возврат More. Ocean лодка копье Стиль партия поставки мультфильм кекс топперы выбрать украшения для дня рождения детский праздничный ко Матросская свадьба торт Топпер, парусная лодка якорь силуэт с инициалами буквы специальные Торт Топперы Свадебные украшения ,78 руб. Mylar jib is clear. Spinnaker is black featuring Topper International logo. It is simple enough for beginners to master, while the asymmetric spinnaker provides additional performance for the more experienced. The Magno is a great family boat, with a deeper, spacious hull which can comfortably fit a family of four. Two seats for children are positioned at the front of the cockpit and a fibreglass thwart in the centre together with seating on the side of the boat makes this a really roomy choice. Manageable performance is guaranteed with a good turn of speed and exciting asymmetric spinnaker. The boat will appeal to all the family and is user friendly from day one. The zip reefing mainsail is quick and easy to do if things get a bit much and sail area can be further reduced by furling the jib on demand. An outboard engine can also be added to the transom. Internationally Award Winning Design.

topper лодка

The Topaz Argo is one of those rare boats that not only does both, but does both well. The ARGO is a fourteen foot sailing dinghy designed specifically for club training and family recreational sailing. It has comfortable capacity for up to four adult crew. This could be an instructor and up to three pupils or a family of four. The ARGO is also great sailed two-up or even singlehanded.

topper лодка

The balance between performance, power, responsive handling and stability is spot on for a wide range of sailing abilities while the load capacity, versatility and maintenance free durability of the Argo ticks all the boxes for sailing schools and young families. As soon as you step aboard you will notice how stable the ARGO sailing platform is. All-in-all the ARGO is fast and exciting but also easily controllable and well mannered. The ARGO has a contoured side deck to provide a really comfortable sit-in feel. A high freeboard, deep spacious cockpit and high boom, plus unrivalled stability and a smooth ride mean that the ARGO has a wonderfully reassuring, safe and secure feel. There is comfortable capacity for up to four crew for instruction or to load up with friends and equipment for a group day out. The single line mainsail reefing system and roller reefing jib mean that the ARGO can easily be depowered dependent on crew and conditions. The ARGO comes with an exciting asymmetric spinnaker system AND the option of a simpler symmetrical spinnaker system which is ideal for training, for less experienced crews or for certain sailing conditions. The ARGO has safety features such as a mast head float, righting lines and grab rails all fitted as standard. An epoxy centreboard and rudder and the highest specification equipment also all come as standard. The ARGO is a really versatile sailboat that although designed specifically for club training is a fantastic family recreational sailboat. It is the staff favourite here at Topper.

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The really spacious cockpit and high boom and the all important extra WIDE BEAM mean the power is easy to handle and guarantee a comfortable and stable sail:. Gennaker is black featuring Topper International logo.

topper лодка

The boat has to be remarkably stiff, strong, fun to sail, and reasonably priced. The Argo, our judges agreed, hit on all four points. Its buoyancy was good, and seating, inside and on the cockpit coaming, was comfortable. With the Gnav vang up and boom up high, was easy to get across the boat.

In 10 knots and flat water the judges rotated through, disembarking with broad smiles. I can see younger sailors would jump in it and have a blast. It can be dumbed down for lessons, but with the bigger kite, two adults would have fun with it, especially with the traps. Click here to read the sailingworld. The rig has been configured for easy singlehanding, but the boat can also be raced by a crew of two, and there is plenty of room in the cockpit for three or even four sailors, making it an excellent trainer. Far more challenging, however, is a boat that can give its crews a thrill while not scaring the wits out of less experienced sailors. Topper комфортно вмещает 3-ех человек и при этом имеет достаточно свободного места для перемещения внутри. Специальная обработка Forest Green защитит Вашу лодку от коррозии на долгие годы. Topper рассчитан на двигатель до 15 л. All in парусное судно парусное судно by Type:. All in надувная лодка надувная лодка by Type:. All in двигатель двигатель by Category:. All in небольшое судно небольшое судно by Type:. All in водный мотоцикл водный мотоцикл by Type:. Новый синий океан тему парусная лодка якорь. Rudde топперы для торта мальчика день рождения Декор Baby Shower Горячие anniversit Лодка кекс топперы, 24 компл. Нафиг на пятнашке генератор?

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